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Designed with Love & Spirit

Energy surrounds us, our role as energy practitioners is to harness positive vibrations for the teaching and healing of others. Capture Energy Clothing produces sustainable and thought provoking clothing, specifically for people working with passion and their spirituality.


Experimental Workshop

Why are we attracted to certain colours? Why can they evoke different emotions depending on our situation? 

One-day experimental workshop to look deeper into personal development and understanding. We can use colour and creativity to learn more about ourselves and others. By learning more about what colours mean to us, we can forge deeper connections with people, places and things in daily life.

Creative Arts

Join Alan Stuttle and guest tutors for a day of creativity exploring art, colour and music. Expand your awareness and delve into the creative arts to develop your psychic and mediumship abilities.

This one-day workshop has been created to allow people to bring art and creativity into their work with spirit. Alan has worked with art all his life and been a spirit artist for over 30 years. His knowledge and insight can help you to develop your abilities and add a new dimension to your creative and mediumistic abilities.


The Open Perspective

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Our passion is fuelled by the wonder and potential we all have as individuals and the vision of what we can achieve. Our work through The Open Perspective is for the benefit of your spirit to seek out and open new doors.

“The richness of life is determined by the people we choose to let into our world.”

An unlimited number of energetic frequencies surround us, some manifest in shape and form creating the beauty and magic of our world. Others vibrate on levels we can only attune to through training and development, these can open us to new possibilities and new ways of experiencing life.

Sounds True

Sounds True offer a wide range of resources for people with an active mind, wanting to find deeper insight into life’s journey. There are wonderful books, podcasts, courses and workshops from some of the worlds leading practitioners and teachers.

The Psychic Tree

The Psychic Tree offers an complete range of high quality products for people practicing in the fields of health and wellbeing. These include; Crystals, Incense & Oils, Books & Reading Cards.

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Our clothing is designed specifically for people working with mediumship, energy and healing.