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Energy surrounds us, our role as energy practitioners is to harness positive vibrations for the teaching and healing of others. Capture Energy Clothing produces sustainable and thought provoking clothing, specifically for people working with passion and their spirituality.

Teaching & Workshops

“By exploring the deeper meaning behind what we feel and the energy around us we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our true potential.”


Spirit Inspired Open Circle

Free to attend, starting May 2022

Developing your spiritual potential, supporting your health and wellbeing

A safe weekly platform for people interested in spiritual practices. A space where likeminded people can connect, learn and practice their mediumship and spiritual gifts. Talk openly on various spiritual topics including, spirit art, psychic ability, mediumship, healing, health, wellbeing and all holistic practices.

Each week will have a different focus;

Open Spirit Circle - Member participation

Individuals are encouraged to share spirit or inspired communications with other members of the circle.

Format: After an opening attunement. The session, guided by an experienced chairperson is opened to the whole circle. This allow anyone to practice mediumship in a safe space with likeminded people. At the end of the session the circle is closed by the chairperson, thanking the spirit world and members for their participation.

Purpose: Great for people wanting to connect with a group energy, practice their mediumship and gain confidence working in a public space.

Guest Speaker - Talk and Q&A

Insightful talk from one of our community’s tutors and spiritual practitioners.

Format: After an opening meditation. There is a 45-minute talk from a guest speaker offering their insights into a specific topic. The talk is followed by a Q&A.

Purpose: Great for people wanting to gain an insight from different tutors on a variety of topics relating to spiritual development.

Demonstration - Teaching and practice

A guest tutor offers a demonstration of mediumship, psychic ability or healing. Following by group practical sessions.

Format: After an opening meditation. There is a 20-30-minute demonstration focusing on certain areas of development. Usually on specific topic relating to spirit art, mediumship, healing or health and wellbeing. This is a practical session, after the demonstration the tutor will put circle members into groups or partners for a practice session.

Purpose: Perfect for people wanting to fine tune their abilities and learn from different tutors. Gain confidence through group and partner practice.

Held every Sunday evening 6pm – 7pm UK time on Zoom. The CEC Newsletter will let you know what is happening each week.


Exploring Psychic Ability & Mediumship through Art & Colour

  • 1-month workshop | 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th May 2022
  • Time | 6pm – 8:30pm (UK time)

This new 4-week course is an introduction to working with energy and the spirit world. Richard and guest tutors deliver insightful lectures and group exercises, opening your awareness to your own energy and the spiritual energies around you.

Art and colour are used throughout the course as a tool for connecting with energy and interpreting information. Each week the tutors explain the basics, give a demonstration of mediumship and psychic ability before putting the students into group or partner practice sessions. Each session ends with feedback and a Q&A.

Session format (Timings may vary as the spirit world inspires)

  • 60-minute Talk & Demonstration
  • 60-minute Group exercises & partner practice
  • 30-minute Feedback, Q&A

4-week course

  • Week 1 – Understanding a psychic and mediumistic connection

This course starts with the fundamentals, feeling the difference between a psychic (people’s energy) and mediumistic (spirit world) connection and how to develop both.

  • Week 2 – How to use colour in your private readings

Connecting psychically with people and offering information through private readings. Using colour and form to add information and unfold their story and potential.

  • Week 3 – How to use art in spirit communications

Developing a mediumistic connection and using art as a tool for the spirit world to share information and unfold the story of the spirit communicator.

  • Week 4 – Art, colour and spiritual readings

Bringing it all together. Using art to connect with a person’s energy and bring forward information from a spirit communicator. Provide valuable information of the here and now, accurate information from loved ones in spirit and leave your sitter positive and uplifted.

Please note: This course is designed for people who are developing their abilities as psychics and mediums. It is also for people who would like to introduce art into their work. The aim is to return to the fundamentals, offer greater understanding of energy and build students confidence.

Creative Arts

Join Alan Stuttle and guest tutors for a day of creativity exploring art, colour and music. Expand your awareness and delve into the creative arts to develop your psychic and mediumship abilities.

This one-day workshop has been created to allow people to bring art and creativity into their work with spirit. Alan has worked with art all his life and been a spirit artist for over 30 years. His knowledge and insight can help you to develop your abilities and add a new dimension to your creative and mediumistic abilities.


The Open Perspective

Join our community

Our passion is fuelled by the wonder and potential we all have as individuals and the vision of what we can achieve. Our work through The Open Perspective is for the benefit of your spirit to seek out and open new doors.

“The richness of life is determined by the people we choose to let into our world.”

An unlimited number of energetic frequencies surround us, some manifest in shape and form creating the beauty and magic of our world. Others vibrate on levels we can only attune to through training and development, these can open us to new possibilities and new ways of experiencing life.

Sounds True

Sounds True offer a wide range of resources for people with an active mind, wanting to find deeper insight into life’s journey. There are wonderful books, podcasts, courses and workshops from some of the worlds leading practitioners and teachers.

The Psychic Tree

The Psychic Tree offers an complete range of high quality products for people practicing in the fields of health and wellbeing. These include; Crystals, Incense & Oils, Books & Reading Cards.

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