Our Philosophy

working together with love and passion


About Us

Capture Energy Clothing was founded by a group of like-minded people who all have an interest in developing their spirituality and working with energy.

“Working with the spirit world is a privilege. We work with energy, love and passion to help others.”

How our clothing makes us feel is incredibly important. We would like every item of our clothing to resonate with people, inspiring them to work in a more positive and creative way.

Spirit Inspired

All our designs are created with a touch of spirit. Our designer has been involved with Spiritualism for over 20 years and always works with the spirit world when coming up with the next custom print.

Organic Vibration

We are big on sustainability and we make sure our clothing is sources from reputable companies who hold the same moral values. Our clothing is CPSIA compliant so they are safe for printing. All our inks are low odour, chemical free and permeate deep into the material for better durability.

Socially Aware

Our cotton is ethically farmed and clothing carries the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate, all products are free from dangerous substances and chemicals. Our supplier is also a member of the The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

Love Energy

Our ethos is to love and respect others. Our love goes to those who dedicate themselves and excel in their work with the spirit world. We are great believers in the laws of attraction, we send out love and work with amazing people.


ideas and information from our point of view

Philosophy of Spiritualism

Many of our community are Spiritualists or have a keen interest in Spiritualism. We believe in the 7 Principles. A framework to live by, 7 simple statements that provide a moral and spiritual compass. Find our more on our blog about The Seven Principles.

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