Meaning of Colour

Meaning of Colour
11th February 2021 Capture Energy

Meaning of Colour

Why do we like certain colours? Why do we choose a specific colour scheme for our home?

Colours are incredibly important and can offer a deeper meaning into our psyche. Many decisions we make are subconscious, this is partly our higher self guiding us towards what we need.

The different art we buy or cushions we choose for our sofa for example can relate to the person we are and the point we have reached in our lives. In the supermarket we are drawn to certain coloured foods, something says inside “I just fancied that.”, it’s a part of us guiding our conscious mind to what our body needs. Our daily lives are more far more influenced by colour than you think.


Colours also depicts a certain point in our personal development. Looking back through the clothes we bought, and the flowers we chose each week to decorate our home, we are able to see our own evolution through colour. This awareness and understanding offers a starting point to understand more about our higher self and inform us about we need for the next step in our evolution.

A Colour Reading can go Deeper

“As an Artist and Spirit Artist I have been working with colour for many years. As well as developing my sensitivity and connection to the spirit world. Colour opens a gateway into further knowledge about an individual, their potential and what they need for their life. It is also one of the strongest ways I have found to open a gateway and connect to the spirit world.”Richard Stuttle

What can a Colour Reading can do?

  1. Identify colours that are significant to you at the moment and offer an insight into what you might need for your future.
  2. Look at the colours in your chakras and auric field, working across the spiritual plane, astral plane and physical plane to define need and offer healing.
  3. Using mediumistic abilities, connect through colour with people in the spirit world who are known to you.
  4. Offer a pathway for personal growth, recognising signs and better understanding your own feelings.

For more information and to book your colour reading please get in touch.

A few tips for better understanding colour and yourself

Looking at colour from a spiritual point of view the are obvious choices for what colours mean. Red is for love, yellow is for healing and knowledge etc.. these meanings can also be traced back through the generations, studying our bodies, mother nature and certain religions.

For example: In nature yellow represents the sun, its healing power and the reason for all life on our planet. In religion it represents knowledge, the suns light is divine and from the creator, all powerful and all knowing.

Although these meaning are true representations of what the colours mean, it’s also down to individual interpretation.

Purple Flowers

Our subconscious is subtly guiding us, by raising your awareness to your colours you will be able to better identify your needs.

Take a look in your wardrobe and see what coloured clothes you have worn recently. Ask yourself what do these colours mean, what are they telling me?

Become aware of where you sit in your home and what colours are around you, what artwork you find yourself looking at, the colour of the coffee cup you use and what colours are close to you.

When you are next out food shopping and find yourself in the vegetable isle, rather than grabbing just what’s on the list, take a breath and see what coloured foods you are drawn to.

Learn the basic meanings of colour but ask yourself what they mean to you. Be aware, the meanings can change from day to day or over time, as you need different things.

By raising your awareness to colour, you will be able to understand more about what your subconscious is trying to tell you and more about what your body, mind and soul actually needs.

Written by Richard Stuttle

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