Mediumship and Evidential Communication

Mediumship and Evidential Communication
4th December 2020 Capture Energy

Mediumship and Evidential Communication

When a medium is taking part in a public demonstration or private sitting, they are dealing with very a delicate subject matter and people’s emotions. Spiritualist’s are not only responsible for themselves and their own energy, but also that of the recipient and spirit communicator during any communication.

When a medium is working with a spirit communicator, it is of primary importance to establish who the communicator is. The information given must establish without doubt who the person is and their relationship to the recipient.

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The easiest and most efficient way of identifying a spirit communicator and locating the recipient. Although names alone might not be able to identify the recipient.


It will be quite possible that more than one recipient would be able to take a name so to be able to identify the relationship between spirit communicator and recipient can often help to pinpoint the correct recipient.


Offering the age of the spirit communicator when they passed can start to build up the evidence that the spirit communicator is working with the medium.


This information can be quite general, but a spirit communicator will impress information to the medium if there is something unique about their physical appearance. Very often identifying elements of a spirit communicators character can strengthen the connection between the medium, recipient and communicator.

Cause of Passing

Identifying how the spirit communicator passed is strong evidence but the medium must be aware of the emotional state of the recipient and energy of the spirit communicator.

Place of Residence

If possible, the medium can be given information about the recipient or spirit communicator’s home or some element that both can relate too.

Shared Memories

Strong evidence can be given by the spirit communicator describing events that only the spirit communicator and recipient may know. This could also include shared family memories.

Recent Events

Describing information about recent events is positive evidential mediumship, as it proves that the spirit communicator is still around the recipient and experiencing the same things. This can offer great comfort.

In Maurice Barbanell’s book ‘This is Spiritualism’, there is a chapter on permanent proofs of survival where he talks of spirit artist Frank Leah, who could draw incredibly accurate portraits of people in spirit. To be able to compare a photograph to a drawing is incredible evidence of survival. There can also be other surprising facts to validate the mediums information. ‘They often impress on Frank Leah, for the purpose of identification, incidents connected with their lives ten, twenty, thirty or forty years ago. Occasionally, these incidents are given in a wealth of detail. A woman once showed herself wearing the dress in which she was presented to Queen Victoria. Leah saw the whole court scene, thronged with its eager attendants.’

Every medium has their speciality, the types of information given to establish who the communicator is. The next step is to give the message from the spirit communicator to the recipient. It’s also quite normal for the recipient to ask questions to the medium who in turn can ask the spirit world for answers. It’s important to remember, mediums are not fortune tellers and it is not the role of mediumship to tell anything about the future and certainly anything of a negative connotation. Keep positive and always with love.

Written by Judith R Scarlett

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