What is the purpose of mediumship?

What is the purpose of mediumship?
3rd December 2020 Capture Energy

What is the Purpose of Mediumship?

Evidential Mediumship has developed significantly over the last century since the ‘Hydesville Rappings’ and the realisation that it was possible to communicate with people in the spirit world. Some of Spiritualism’s pioneers have experimented in many different ways with mediumship in collaboration with the spirit world, they have worked refining new techniques and energy efficient ways of passing information through vibrational communication. Although mediumship can also be used as basis for healing and self-development, throughout this period the main purposes of mediumship have remained constant.

Primarily mediumship is used by mediums to communicate with people in the spirit world to prove of life after death. It’s one of the fundamental beliefs unique to Spiritualism and a cornerstone of the religion. It can be incredibly difficult for people who have lost loved ones, especially if the death is unexpected or the person has passed before their time.

Mediumship can bring comfort for people going through bereavement, it can offer hope and provide proof that the persons spirit lives on in the spirit world.

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The knowledge of life after death makes people question their own existence, raising awareness of their own inner spirit. Mediumship can bring upliftment to people in general but specifically to people who might feel alone in this world or not fit with conventional thinking. It can help join people together, unite likeminded individuals and create communities who might not have come together otherwise.

Mediums themselves approach their work with compassion, humility and the utmost sensitivity. They are dealing with people and their emotions. There are countless accounts of demonstrations of evidential mediumship where people have found release and a sense of peace from the communications. Mediumship and communication with the spirit world can bring messages through relating to a recipient’s life situation in the present, this can also provide comfort for loved ones who are still living here on earth. Mediumship also provide evidence that loved ones in the spirit realm are still around and enjoy sharing experiences their relatives are having here on earth. This knowledge can encourage people to be the best they can be, it is also proof of the continuation of the human soul which offers additional purpose to life.

Mediumship has also been used to provide information for official police investigations. Eileen Garrett gave a demonstration of mediumship in a seance regarding a crashed airship in 1930. The captain of the airship came through, the account states, ‘He gave a mass of technical details regarding the cause of the crash which at least two experts admitted could only have come from him. It is one of the most remarkable and dramatic examples we have of a person supposedly dead conveying information that could not have been in the mind of any living person.’ This proves that evidential mediumship can also be used to help solve problems and identify issues that might otherwise remain a mystery.

In today’s world I believe mediumship plays a larger role in creating and strengthening connections between loved ones in the spirit world and people on the earth plain. It’s possible through mediumship to get a glimpse of the spirit world and what life is like in the next world.

To me the most powerful positive force in the world is love. Love has the ability to heal people physically, emotionally and mentally. It can create a link between our world and the spirit world. The more people who are connected in this world and the next on a love vibration, the more connected our worlds and the richer our existence will be. When we think of evolution, we can consider how mediumship has opened our minds and awareness to other energies and vibrational frequencies. I am excited to see where the next generation of mediums will take the development mediumship, there are no limits when working with the spirit world.

Written by Judith R Scarlett

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