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  • glass orb

    Spiritualism. Science, Philosophy and Religion

    When delving into any subject we are taught to research and ask questions. As with any interest it’s incredibly important to consider each aspect from multiple perspectives to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

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  • sunlight through church window

    What is the purpose of mediumship?

    Evidential Mediumship has developed significantly over the last century since the ‘Hydesville Rapping’s’ and the realisation that it was possible to communicate with people in the spirit world.

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    Self-development as a Spiritualist

    Spiritualism is a religion with a unified belief system and a number of different aspects, one unique aspect is to constantly strive to prove the eternal nature of the human soul.

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  • What is Spiritualism?

    What is Spiritualism? Spiritualism is a religious movement, its core belief is that spirits of the dead exist and have the ability and to communicate with the living.

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