"Uniting our collective consciousness through art, music and philosophy."

The Open Perspective

The Open Perspective

Our passion is fuelled by the potential we all have as individuals, and the vision of what we could achieve as a global collective.

 There are an unlimited number of energetic frequencies which surround us. Some manifest in shape and form to create the beauty and magic of our world. Others vibrate on levels we can only attune to through training and development, these open us to new possibilities and new ways of experiencing life on Mother Earth.

Everyone must search to find their own answers. Our community holds space and teaches a variety of skills and techniques, giving you the tools to help discover your true self.

“The richness of life is determined by the people we choose to let into our world.”

Building a community of likeminded people

Regular insights, tutorials and demonstrations relating to spiritual awareness and personal development. Delving into energy and frequency through art, music and philosophy.

We reach a point in life when ask important questions… Why we are here, what is our purpose? Who am I?

With the right mindset and focus we are able to tap into a deeper understanding of ourselves. Realising there is more to life than just what we can experience with our five senses. As we become aware of different energies, feelings and emotions, we are able to raise our awareness to an exciting new world that surrounds us.