Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides
9th February 2021 Capture Energy

Spirit Guides

We are all blessed with the guidance of Spirit Guides and Angels on our journey here on Earth.

So, what are Spirit Guides and their purpose?

Spirit Guides are discarnate Spirit who have evolved to a vibrational level, where they can assist an incarnate Spirit on their journey through life. They may have been any nationality in their earthly life (if they had one) or had any status or profession.

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Our relationship with them is a very personal and individual one

It is not always necessary to know who they are for their influence to be effective within our lives, although the better we know them, the closer we can work with them.

It is usual to have one main guide, but other guides may assist in different situations and sometimes operate collectively as a counsel where necessary. There are many guides for many purposes including healing, philosophy, trance, although some guides can multi-task.

We cannot expect them to make our decisions for us, or to solve our problems, because the universal law of freewill operates at all levels.

We can, however, seek guidance and draw conclusions from wisdom given. Guides can, and often do communicate, through people other than ourselves, although they remain “assigned” to us. This is commonplace when people sit together in circles and groups and the guide is familiar with them all.

Some occasionally make mistakes, just as we do. We are all constantly learning and guides are no exception.

They all have their own personalities and so therefore have their own opinions. Not all guides share the same viewpoints, which can be confusing especially on certain subjects. They are also at different levels of evolution and vibration, and like us, will have varying degrees of what is acceptable to them.

Blending with your guides is a two way communication. They may not know every thought, emotion or need we have because they are not us, so it is important to let them know if necessary. The more we share with and get to know our guides the more effectively we can work with them, and they with us.

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Guided meditation

Find a space to sit comfortably and relax and close your eyes. Concentrate on your breath. Go to your happy place, a place where you feel comfortable. This could be in a forest, a meadow, by the sea or on the beach. Become aware of what surrounds you, who do you see? What do you hear? As you explore your happy place, you come across a bench.

Take a seat. As you sit on your bench, your Spirit guide comes to join you. Take notice of your guide, Is it a man or a woman? Is it an animal or nature spirit? What do they look like? What words are spoken between you? What message does your guide wish to give you? How does your guide make you feel?

Take a moment to sit with your guide getting to know them.

It is now time to say goodbye to your guide, knowing they will always be there with you whenever you need them. Bring your awareness back into the room, and when you’re ready open your eyes.

Written by Tracie Lissenden

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