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  • Pastels

    Meaning of Colour

    Why do we like certain colours? Why do we choose a specific colour scheme for our home? Colours are incredibly important and can offer a deeper meaning into our psyche. Many decisions we make are subconscious, this is partly our higher self guiding us towards what we need.

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  • Freedom, woman and sunlight

    Spirit Guides

    So, What are Spirit Guides and their purpose? Spirit Guides are discarnate Spirit who have evolved to a vibrational level where they can assist an incarnate Spirit on their journey through life. They may have been any nationality in their earthly life (if they had one) or had any status or profession.

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  • closed eyes, mediumship

    Mediumship and Evidential Communication

    When a medium is taking part in a public demonstration or private sitting, they are dealing with very delicate subject matter and people’s emotions. Spiritualist’s are not only responsible for themselves and their own energy, but also that of the recipient and spirit communicator during any communication.

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