The Universe Conspires in Helping You

The Universe Conspires in Helping You
18th June 2020 Capture Energy

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 

Taken from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This simple realisation opens the mind to opportunity and the possibility that anything is possible. It also offers a huge confidence boost, safe in the knowledge that the universe is on your side.

This statement poses the question: can the universe help? We have to look at this question with an open mind. If we are open to opportunity then anything is possible.

From a scientific view point, we are surrounded by energy, we are energy and everything in the universe is energy. We are all connected and made from the same matter.

Coffee and book the alchemist

How can this happen for me? 

Firstly you should understand the huge power you have by simply setting an intent. A positive and definable action. Imagine you are throwing a rock in a still pool of water. The splash is what you want and the ripples are the resonance of your words telling the universe. Widen your perspective, think about your splash on a grand scale and imagine  your words rippling out into the energy into the universe. 

Be careful of what you ask for, whatever you say, the universe will reply, ‘I hear you, let’s see if we can help.’

Be aware, listen for the universe’s reply. Subtle clues to reassure you and keep you heading in the direction of your goal. Repeat your thoughts and be open to the feedback.

Can the universe help? 

Well, I would say the answer is yes. There are a few simple factors involved that done individually would make a small difference, but collectively and combined with belief can help implement a significant change.

Firstly, asking for what you want.

Engaging in positive action and defining clear objectives for yourself is the first way to getting something completed. Setting a target and something to work towards automatically gives you a road map with a destination.

Secondly, becoming more aware of opportunities.

Positive and significant events will happen along your road map. Thinking about what you want will automatically mean you talk about what you want. These conversations can lead to discussions with new people who may be able to help. 


Thirdly, positive action, reaffirmation of what you want.

The more you say this is happening the more conviction you will have. Your confidence will grow as you start to believe you can actually reach your goal.


So, can the universe really help? 

Again, I would say yes. We are all energy, swimming in an ocean of energy, in a universe of energy. The laws of attraction, like attracts like, people with the same interests and desires naturally gravitate together. If we can direct our energy we can attract what we want into reality, one positive step at a time towards our goals. 

Belief and positive energy are very powerful forces. Ultimately, when you want something know that the universe will conspire in helping you to achieve it. Accept all the help you can get! Be positive, know you are part of something bigger. Know you are supported by every vibration in the universe, and what you want is making its way towards you. Remember positive thought and positive action will be met with positive thought and positive reaction.

For me these little points open things up and allow different forces and energies come into my life. If I was unable to open my mind to the possibilities I would never more any further forward.

Written by Judith R Scarlett

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